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CTPL Insurance

Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions


What is CTPL?

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance helps you (the vehicle owner) in case of unforseen financial liabilities if ever your vehicle will be involved in an accident leading to third party injuries and/or deaths.

The law, through the Land Transportation Office (LTO), mandates vehicle owners to obtain a CTPL prior to registration of their vehicles.  This is to protect third parties, especially pedestrians, from undue financial burdens due to vehicular accidents.

CTPL is also known as Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability (CMVL) insurance.


What does CTPL cover?

CTPL covers financial liabilities of vehicle owners up to Php 100,000.00 for bodily injuries and/or deaths of third parties.

In case the vehicle is a Public Utility Vehicle (PUV), there is an additional Php 100,000.00 for passenger liability.


Who are considered as "Third Parties"?

According to the Insurance Code (Republic Act No. 10607, Sec. 386), a Third Party is any person other than a passenger, family member, or household member of the vehicle owner.


Does CTPL cover damages to my vehicle?

No. CTPL covers third party deaths and/or bodily injuries only. If you wish to cover damages to your vehicles, you should buy a "comprehensive" motor vehicle insurance which includes Own Damage and/or Theft cover.


How long am I covered?

The coverage period of CTPL coincides with your vehicle registration period. Brand new vehicles are registered with the LTO for 3 years. Hence, make sure you get a CTPL that's valid for 3 years

Older vehicles are registered with the LTO for 1 year. In this case, your CTPL is also valid for 1 year.


Where can I buy CTPL?

You may buy CTPL from any non-life insurance company that is authorized and licensed by the Insurance Commission.

You may buy your CTPL through this website. Just fill-in the required information. Afterwards, go to any AA TECH Counter to pay your premium and get the printed Certificate of Cover (COC) which you will submit to LTO as proof of your CTPL cover.

OR you can simply go to any AA TECH Counter, and we will do the rest. It's that easy!

How much is the premium for CTPL?

The Insurance Commission (Insurance Memorandum Circular 4-2006) approved the following premiums:

One-Year Coverage (for renewal vehicle registrations)

  • Private Cars - P560.00
  • Light/Medium Trucks - P610.00
  • Heavy Trucks/Private Buses - P1,200.00
  • AC and Tourist Cars - P740.00
  • Taxis/PUJs/Mini Buses - P1,100.00
  • PUBs/Tourist Buses - P1,450.00
  • Motorcycles/Tricycles/Trailers - P250.00

Three-Year Coverage (for brand new vehicle registrations)

  • Private Cars - P1,610.00
  • Light/Medium Trucks - P1,750.00
  • Heavy Trucks/Private Buses - P3,440.00
  • AC and Tourist Cars - P2,120.00
  • Taxis/PUJs/Mini Buses - P3,150.00
  • PUBs/Tourist Buses - P4,150.00
  • Motorcycles/Tricycles/Trailers - P720.00

These premiums are inclusive of taxes (i.e., Doc. Stamps Tax, VAT, and Local Government Tax). 

However, the COC Authentication and Verification Fee (COCAVF) of P60.00 shall be added. This is to ensure that your CTPL/COC is authentic and verified with the LTO.